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Purchasing Services / CONTACT US / Purchasing Services Staff

Purchasing Services Staff

TBA                                     Director                                  

Karen Gibson                       Associate Director/Interim Director      644-9729

Nancy Milburn                      Assistant Director                               644-9725

Tonya Kling                         Administrative Specialist                      645-5637

Marcia Feldman                   ERP Analyst/Purchasing-OMNI Liaison   645-1754

To-Há Tang                         IT Business Project Manager                644-6853

Office Support

Tonya Kling – OMNI Security/Help Desk                                          645-5637

Stefanie Williams – Vendor File/Vendor Applications                         644-9721

Mary Ward – Change Orders/Solicitations/Bidder Registration           644-9727

Wilma Rivers – PO Dispatch/Expediting                                           644-9728

Alma Colson – Receptionist                                                            644-6850

Contractual Services/Honorariums/Advertising

James Johnson                                                                             645-2304

Backups:   Nancy Milburn and Geneva Miller

Computer IT Hardware/Software/Office Machines

Phyllis Sullivan                                                                             644-9726

Backups:  Geneva Miller and Nancy Milburn

Office Supplies/MRO/Telecommunications/Vehicles

Geneva Miller                                                                               644-9723

Backups:  Phyllis Sullivan and Joyce Cordell


Nick Lybbert                                                                                645-2789

Backups:  Marcia Feldman and Phyllis Sullivan

Printing/Books/Subscriptions/Musical Instruments & Supplies

Edward Acoff                                                                               645-8207

Backups:  Geneva Miller and Phyllis Sullivan

Furniture/Athletic Supplies/Food/Awards/Conferences/Window & Floor Coverings

Joyce Cordell                                                                                644-9730

Backups:  James Johnson and Nick Lybbert


Nancy Milburn – P-card Administrator                                             644-9725

Backups:  Tonya Kling and Phyllis Sullivan

Confirming Orders

Karen Gibson                                                                                644-9729

eProcurement and Strategic Sourcing

To-Há Tang                                                                                   644-6853

Nancy Milburn                                                                               644-9725

Supplier Diversity

Edward Acoff                                                                                 645-8207

Equipment Maintenance

Karen Gibson                                                                                 644-9729